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A voyage around my mental health. Could be fun, right?

Well, fun in places. Or not.

Let's see.

It's a tail that includes stuff like working at a mail order company and borrowing a Director's Jaguar for the weekend, then persuading them to pay for the petrol. Not getting a proper diagnosis until I was in my mid-forties.

...and such like




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Here's some of my footage from dives around the West Coast of Barbados. Big shout out to Barbados Blue Dive Shop who take great care of us every time we visit the island.

I made a short, moody movie of Venice with some night time stills I've taken over a number of years. @DreamOfVenice hope you like it. #venice #veniceatnight

Of my favourite places in the world. this exact place in Venice.
allonlister photo
Dream of Venice @DreamOfVenice
"It was the dead of winter, 2011. Local 600 still photographer @EyesofCC decided to bite the bullet and take a solo voyage to the city that had haunted him all his life –– Venice, Italy." via @ICGLocal600 #TBT #Venice #Venezia #Photography #Interview

I had loads of Birthday messages for 23 December and I didn’t say thank you. If you’ve just had a like for your shout out, that’s my very late and heartfelt thank you. Love you all. Appreciated late, but more than ever

Well, he knew all about education and it seems he’s now a competent virologist...