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When the rich bloke (you know who you are) parks his 74m yacht 'Synthesis' in front of a Venice webcam and spoils it for everyone allonlister photo

Most interesting parcel I’ve had in quite some time allonlister photo

Never acquire or keep anything you can't easily replace.

Sad news. I saw Jackie Mason three times in London - once on two consecutive nights - never the same show twice. One of a kind.

The WiFi on @EastMidRailway is s slower than getting carrier pigeons to take a byte at a time to the server. allonlister photo

I looked for London digs for tonight. Out of the first 500 results, I've stayed in 292 of the hotels + a lot more that weren't listed. That's a lot of London. I'm heading to London on the train now and I'm genuinely nervous about whether I can even do this anymore.
Here goes.