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RIP #barrycryer one of the greatest ever comedy writers.
Watching the Bond ‘Goldeneye’. A character has just demanded “PCs with five hundred Meg’ hard drives, CD ROM and fourteen four modems”. One day this kind of science fiction may be possible.
Looks like Elizabeth Holmes has taken Michael Fenne's (Pixelon) title as the biggest hustler in Silicon Valley. A title he held for over 20 years
The stuff of a madman's dreams. Whatever happened to this futuristic nonsense? https://t.co/awhAUivV9e
BBC Archive @BBCArchive
#OnThisDay 1985: Micro Live reviewed the Commodore Amiga, explaining the mysterious 'mouse' which interacted with some 'windows'. https://t.co/5EqL29HAoy
“You have to work on something that makes you uncertain - something that makes you doubt yourself”
Powerful wisdom from the late, wonderful, Stephen Sondheim. I think the lights on Broadway may take a brief rest in your honour
TV’s a ball tonight #bbcqt Professor Jordan Peterson dying on his intellectual arse on Question Time. When you can’t explain your point to the audience because you consider their thinking ‘low resolution’.