I’ve just posted up two videos from my schooldays. Each year, the physics department at Hanson Upper School in Bradford organised a trip to Blackppol so that the O-Level students could experience the physical principles of the Pleasure Beach rides first-hand. In 1982, the BBC sent along a film crew led by a Moores Liquorice smoking lady who directed a short piece that was used on a couple of holiday shows and the Saturday monring kids’ slot.
The first film is the original BBC package, the second is Mark Curry interviewing the teacher who became best associated with the trip – Derek Shuttleworth – a great teacher who always seemed to refer to himself in the third party; most notably when Sue Burns caught him with an air-rifle pellet during a mass/velocity demonstration -“Ohhh, no, DS has been shot!”-  he exclaimed. Mr Shuttleworth, or DS as he was known, is still with us having recently retired from umpiring in the Yorkshire League and although he stands still in time in these videos, I’m having trouble linking this very tangible evidence of my particpation with ever having been there.
I remember a few of the faces in the film and it was Liz  (greenish top 80’s curly perm) who got in touch to see if I had a copy hanging around. Also I occasionally see Debbie (Old English Sheep Dog perm and fringe) on the KLM flights to and from Amsterdam. Anyway, it’s there, and it’s been liberated from analogue at last.

Odd thing video, even video converted from a 27 year old VHS tape which had, in turn, been copied from Betamax…


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